On December 19, 2015, the second medical and development support brigade was carried out in the village of Mina Santa Cruz.

The work team consisted of:

  • 3 General doctors
  • 2 Pediatricians
  • 2 Medical Internists
  • 2 Odontologists
  • 1 Bacteriologist
  • 2 Nurses
  • 3 Psycologists
  • 1 Social worker

In the medical and development support brigade the presence of the community was massive, in total 560 patients were attended.

Specialty: General Medicine

In general medicine, 150 patients were treated

Specialty: Dentistry

In the specialty of dentistry, 90 patients were treated.

Specialty: Pediatrics

In pediatrics, 150 children were treated

Specialty: Internal Medicine

In internal medicine, 150 patients were treated.

Specialty: Bacteriology

In bacteriology, they were given rapid HIV tests

In order to provide a complete and comprehensive care, medicines prescribed by the different specialists were delivered. In total 500 patients were given the medicines.


After delivering the medicines to the patients, a donation of them was also made to the health center of minas Santa Cruz, these will rest in a bank of medicines destined to satisfy the medical needs of patients that sometimes do not have the necessary resources to buy their medical treatments when they get sick.

It is important to highlight the support and collaboration provided by community leaders to the team of professionals in charge of providing specialized care in this brigade.

  • Conference on the promotion and prevention of STIs and teenage pregnancy
  • Prevention of hallucinogenic substance use
  • Hairdressing and Barbering Day
  • Donation of toys and clothes for children, canes for the elderly or people with disabilities

Inter-institutional Partnerships

This medical and development support brigade was carried out with the support and collaboration of institutions such as: